Emergency Contacts

Here you can find a sample of crisis support hotlines and emergency contacts. For psychosocial emergencies please find details on this website: www.gesundheit.gv.at.

In Vienna

Sozialpsychiatrischer Notdienst/PSD

Psychiatric support in case of a crisis:
Tel.: 01 31330, daily 0-24h
Online at www.psd-wien.at.

Austria nationwide


Telephone-, email- and chat-counselling:
Tel.: 142 (emergency), daily 0-24h
Online at www.telefonseelsorge.at.


Tel.: 133
Online at www.polizei.gv.at.


Tel.: 144

Frauenhelpline („Women’s helpline“)

The „Frauenhelpline“ against violence provides information, support, relief and empowerment twenty-four-seven – also in urgent cases.
Tel.: 0800 222 555
Online at www.frauenhelpline.at.

Männernotruf („Men’s helpline“)

The „Männernotruf“ provides a contact point for men in situations of crisis or violence, nationwide and twenty-four-seven.
Tel.: 0800 246 247
Online at www.maennernotruf.at.