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Welcome to my Website!

I practice Person – Centered Psychotherapy for Adults.

Psychotherapy, according to Austrian regulations, means treatment of psychosocial, psychosomatic or behavioral disorders with scientific-psychotherapeutic methods. Existing symptoms shall be alleviated or eliminated. Psychotherapy can also support personal development, maturing, health and wellbeing.

As  a Psychotherapeut in Ausbildung unter Supervision (Psychotherapist in training under supervision) I have to observe legal confidentiality requirements according to Psychotherapiegesetz §15.

Focus of my activities:

  • Aging / Age

  • Anxiety / Panic Attacks

  • Work related Topics

  • Relationship/Marriage

  • Stress Disorders

  • Burnout

  • Depression

  • Mobbing

  • Personal Development

  • Dying / Death / Mourning

Other, individually relevant topics can of course be discussed as well.